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Academic Excellence

An ACADEMIC INSTITUTION which has a legacy stretching back to its inception, in the year 1923, Fajandar Education Trust was established as the Fajandar Anglo English School. It was one of the few, reputed schools in whole of the Kokan area (present-day coastal area of the western Indian state of Maharashtra) near what was then known as ‘Bombay’ (Mumbai).
In 1923, the Fajandar Anglo English School was established by the untiring efforts of the chairman, Khan Saheb Mohammed Hussain Fajandar.
As an academic institution, the Fajandar Anglo English School was one of the few reputed schools, with a simple reason: during the era of Khan Saheb Fajandar, the institution was benefitted by the visits of charismatic leaders like Maulana Shaukat Ali Saheb, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who was chairman of the commission that drafted the Indian Constituion; illustrious leaders of Maharashtra like Sane Guruji and Senapati Bapat, as also Balasaheb Kher who later become Chief Minister of the erstwhile late of Bombay. It was inputs and suggestions made by such illustrious leaders which helped the already dynamic institution grow into something even better. Visits by such illustrious personalities to the institution gave all connected with it reason to be proud. Sir Shahnwaz Bhutto was given the ‘Sipasnama’ by this institution.
In the western Indian state of Maharashtra, the coastal region, Konkan, is one of the most backward areas when it comes to parameters such as education, as well as other fields.
It had been observed that minorities from this area are educationally and economically among the most backward people in the state of Maharashtra. Post-Independence, in the year 1958, there were very few academic institutions in this region there was hardly four or five schools in the Kolaba District (now Raigad district).
There was a feeling among the population of this area that the scope of activities carried out by the originally educational organization, i.e. the Fajandar Anglo English School, should be reviewed. The situation, when it came to academic studies for girl students of the region was so grim, that not a single girl student could be educated beyond the primary section. To overcome such problems, the Fajandar High School was re-established in 1958 with the efforts of three brothers:, viz: 1) Abbas Mia Fajandar, 2) Abdul Gani Fajandar and 3) Abdul Razzak Fajandar.
An educational trust was set up, and it received government recognition in 1960: namely the Fajandar Education Trust. The school grew in strength and reputation, leading to a situation where a residential hostel had to be built for boys coming from distant and far places such as Ratnagiri, Kalyan and Mumbai. It had a capacity of accommodating 150 students who were boarders, as also provided with subsidy for students’ expenses.
Over the years, the school has been producing meritorious students who have become engineers, doctors, civil servants, advocates, barristers, teachers and politicians, etc. The strength f the school reached 1000, despite the fact that the minority population of the Vahoor village was just 1500, as per the last census. The school was further strengthened when it started the higher secondary section, and because of this, thousands of students from the Konkan region have been, and are even now, being benefitted. This institution has enabled students from the Konkan Region to join in the state’s administration, social welfare institutions and different government departments. The alumni of this institution are serving the nation as well as their own community of people.
The academic institution has produced politicians like Maharashtra’s first Muslim chief minister and central government health minister, honourable A. R. Antulay, who served the people of India. Doctor Abdul Razzaq Rumane, a scientist in quality management in construction who was one of the five hundred scientists of the world awarded in U.S.A. is another bright alumni. Then, there are doctors practicing abroad in countries like the U.K., U.S., and the Persian Gulf. They are serving in reputed hospitals in Mumbai, like Saifee hospital, Hiranandani Hospital and Mumbai Hospital.
The institution run by the Fajandar Education Trust has produced scientist like Doctor Abdul Wajid N. A. Wahid, a research scholar in Xoma (U.S.A.) whose work is serving the people of the world. Mr. Hanif Purkar, a Gold medallist of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University is an alumni of the institution.
The Fajandar Education Trust and its office bearers are proud of these students who topped academically as also are serving the nation. The S.S.C. and H.S.C. results are always above 90-98%. The institute has played a major role in producing quality students in the remote area of the Konkan Region. The academic institution run by the Fajandar Education Trust has good buildings, laboratories and sports ground. The assembly hall is to be refurbished in the near future. In its campus, a study centre of Maulana Azad University of Hyderabad is also run, with kind efforts of ex-principal Mr. N.A. Wahid, whose students are spread in the whole world, and they remember him with respect.
The centre has helped many couples as also elders who dreamt of higher education and could not achieve the same because of poor financial situations are able to become a graduate by passing the degree course. The study centre has strength of 600 students from B.A., B.Com, and B.Sc. to M.Phil. and Ph.D. The biggest advantage of this study centre is that married women and working people get admission, and are able to complete their half-complete studies, which might have been interrupted due to financial crisis of their family.
The Fajandar Education Trust has set up a branch in a very remote area, a village situated right at the bottom of the hill of Poladpur at Wave.
Institutions run by the Fajandar Education Trust have been conferred the Adarsh School Award by the Government of Maharashtra. The Fajandar Education Trust further proposes setting up a degree college affiliated to Mumbai University as also M.B.A. degree courses and short-term courses, which will be done under a tie-up with foreign universities, which will enable students of these remote, backward areas to get qualifications which will take them to the top in the field of education.
Students from remote areas should be able to compete with students of the metro city, a region where every facility is available. Academic institutions of the Fajandar Education Trust offer National Cadet Course (NCC) for students, and many of its alumni have trained for security and discipline. Students have achieved prizes in sports and reached up to state level sports competition.
The Fajandar Education Trust’s enthusiastic Chairman Abdulrauf Fajandar has taken charge of educational upliftment and is struggling hard to lift the quality of education, bring in good discipline as also commence many more educational courses something that will start and create an opportunity of students to go further as also achieve progress and improve academic qualities.
The Fajandar Education Trust is like a little star of education, which enlightens. The academic facilities it provides assure the residents of the Konkan Region that they also have access to studies that will lead to super qualities and good success in the educational field. The Fajandar Education Trust follows a system of bilateral planning regarding progress of its students, so that they progress in every sphere of life in the future.
Just as the students of this institution are spread all over the world, the Fajandar Education Trust hopes to glow like a star – and be known the world over
In the vicinity of this institution after completion of 12th Girls further education is always stopped. They never go to college for further education.
There are colleges at Mahad, Goregaon & Mangaon. In these colleges it is difficult to get the admission as they being saturated and so education of Girls never complete. We applied for permission but the matter is in the court of law so to educate the girls we requested to Dr. A.R. under to start there branch under the banner of Fajandar Education Trust in the campus of Fajandar High school & Jr. College at Vahoor.
We have a good infrastructure, with educational atmosphere & good discipline spacious rooms as we well developed laboratories. We have a well qualified enthusiastic staff who can give good quality education We hope we will get a good support from the Royal Education Society.
The centre of education i.e. Fajandar education complex has a brand name & it has a feeding education institutions namely from Mahad to Goregaon , Mangaon & Morba